FH01 Community Center
FH Community Center
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This is a Design-Build project awarded to Reliable Builders, Inc. to provide miscellaneous repairs at Building FHO1 Community Center, located in Naval Base Guam. Works include, but are not limited to, repairs at the aerobics gym, Boy Scouts room, child care, hallway and lobby, exit room, kitchen, and parking area. Architectural repairs include exterior and interior restoration of walls and ceilings, ceiling vents, door and window shutters, and painting of roof and wall area. Mechanical works include replacement of the entire supply air diffuser and the entire return air register of the building, and to provide a complete automatic wet-pipe fire sprinkler system to interface with the existing fire alarm of the building. Electrical works include replacing the wall pack, ceiling lights, existing playground and picnic area lighting system, and upgrading the fire alarm (FA) system of the building consistent with NFPA requirements. Civil works include re-striping of the parking lot and painting of the concrete curbs.

Reliable Builders, Inc. awarded subcontracts to small businesses for mechanical and electrical works.

The initial awarded contract amount was $ 664,000.00 for the basic bid. Change orders were implemented totaling the final contract amount to $ 1,005,250.00.


FH front aerobics room
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